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Address: 701 The Escort Way, Orange, NSW, 2800

Opening Hours:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday (11am – 5pm)*

Tuesday & Wednesday by appointment (Tom: 0409 24 66 09)


Directions: We are located approximately 7kms west of the Orange CBD on The Escort Way. Be cautious when turning into the Cellar Door as The Escort Way has traffic travelling at 100km/hr.


The Swinging Bridge Cellar Door offers a unique, curated, intimate, sit-down tasting experience and it is $10 per taster to sample our 'standard' tasting, which includes wines from our Estate, Winemaker and Experimental Series. The tasting fee is not charged if the taster wishes to purchase at the end of this experience. As an addition, there is an opportunity to sample our Reserve Single Vineyard Series at the cellar door, however $10 will be added to any purchases at the end of this tasting. 


*There may be times when we are unable to open due to unforeseen circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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